Iglesia ni Cristo

Enhancement and extension to a modenist church building

Client: Iglesia ni Cristo
Structural Engineer: Elliot Wood Partnership
Contractor: Metrix Interiors Ltd
Stage: Complete

We were approached to develop a new entrance design that would improve access and the quality of worship for the congregation and visitors to the Battersea Iglesia ni Cristo church. The brief required the enhancement of the rhythm of this ‘robust’ modernist church building, whilst reinforcing the identity of Iglesia ni Cristo and protecting the prominent and protected London plane tree by the entrance.

Our design reinforced the language and rhythm of the existing Church building.  Curtain glazing interrupted by white insitu cast concrete blade walls mediate the scale of the church towards the adjacent residential terrace, whilst vertical glass fins extending to the exterior of the building, reinforce a gable shape across part of the façade.

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