Bronze House

Client: Private
Structural Engineer: Webb Yates
Mechanical Engineering: Centreline
Specialist Engineers: Pipsqueak
Specialist Fabricators: Shelley Engineering
Specialist Stair Fabrication: Nick Spice
Contractor: John F Patrick Ltd
Stage: Completed

This commission involved the extensive remodelling and enlargement of an existing detached property in Kent to a high specification. The project features a unique and finely engineered bronze baffle to frame and shade the south western facing garden façade.

The Client sought the addition of a large, open plan, living space onto their existing house with extensive glazed aspect facing a garden measuring some 16m by 3.4m in size. Typically, the most effective way to control the high passive solar gains associated with such large areas of glass is to shade externally, before the heat gets inside. This is often achieved with louvres, brise soleil or sometimes external blinds. The ‘baffle’ idea was a twist on this, a striking singular form that both framed and protected the glass from excessive glare and solar gain. The simple, angular form benefited hugely from being made of a rich material which would subtly catch the light. Bronze has a quality and tactility which comes from its dark patination that almost no other metal has, and was the perfect choice for a high quality/distinctive private residential extension. The use of an expensive material justified taking the installation tolerances and details to the finest degree of accuracy/sharpness and really showcases the qualities of the material.

Inside a simple material palette was chosen for the open plan areas with a bespoke stair and fireplace referencing the bronze baffle and polished concrete floors flowing between inside living space and external patio.

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