Pop-up hotel competition winner

Client: Best of Wales / Cambria Tours
Structural Engineer: Webb Yates Engineers
Design Engineer: Pipsqueak Developments
Contractor: Varbud
Stage: Selected Winners of Competition
Published: Architects Journal December 2016

WG+P, in collaboration with Webb Yates Engineers, have won a design competition with their new ‘glamping’ cabin, the SkyHut, inspired by traditional Welsh myths and stargazing.

Alongside specialist design engineers, PipSqueak Developments, and contractor, Varbud, the SkyHut is being developed for off-site manufacture and will be completed in Spring 2017.

WG+P’s ‘Sky Hut’ is metal clad with a retractable roof, an observatory to the heavens, where campers can gaze out into the Welsh night’s sky; one of the most outstanding locations in the world to experience the changing constellations. Influenced by the myth of the lofty Welsh mountain, Cadair Idris, where legend states that travellers sleeping out under the night sky awaken as madmen or poets. This tradition of sleeping out under the night sky is manifested in the roof with a simple geared cable system; borrowed from proven sailing technology, allowing it to open fully. With the doors open too, the Sky Hut can be configured as a ‘glamping-observatory.’ Upon the turn of a crank handle, it quickly closes again forming a cosy retreat for when the Gods are angered. Visitors are offered 360 degree views across the landscape through clerestory eye level glazing.

Visitors can transport themselves into a world of Welsh folklore by viewing these skies from this peaceful spot, dare to dream and awake a poet. The Sky Hut will draw the world’s attention to the magical Welsh sky, landscape and legends.

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