Renovations: An Inspirational Design Primer

Published June 2016


WG+P featured in Renovations: An Inspirational Design Primer by Richard Wilcox.

Two projects, Goldhawk Road and King Street, Arundel, both feature in the book due to their context as extensions to either listed buildings or those situated within a conservation area.

Goldhawk Road features an extension to the rear of the existing Victorian Semi-detached house, breathing life into the property and increasing the available natural light. The house is not listed, but is registered locally as a ‘Building of merit.’ This meant that no alterations were allowed to be made to the street elevation and the design of the new extension had to take account of views from neighbouring properties and the impact on adjoining houses and gardens. ┬áThe extension made use of a lightweight timber frame structure to minimise the impact on the existing house.

King Street took another approach. Adding an extension to a Grade II Listed building, situated in a conservation area is always a challenge. We set out to create a series of contemporary spaces which would challenge the ‘pastiche’ design guidelines which had been set by the planning officers. This lead to the creation of a new gabled roof extension, with a butterfly wing profile roof-light. The aim was for the new extension to work in harmony with the existing materials found on the property.

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