Core Collective Knightsbridge

Client: Core Collective
Lighting: Stileman Lighting Design
Mechanical Engineering: John Bathurst
Contractor: WFC Contractors
Stage: Completed

WG+P have transformed a redundant Knightsbridge basement into an innovative new gym, promoting a holistic balance of mind and body for leading operator Core Collective.

Following the success of the first Core Collective in Kensington, WG+P were appointed to design and deliver their next gym, this time on a quiet side-street in Knightsbridge.

The brief was to construct studios that were fully flexible to accommodate a range of class variations, each married to a design that is both contemporary and responsive to the unique constraints and features of the building; a stripped back, simple design was required to be highly functional and adaptable.

Overall, the user experience aims to bring together wider wellbeing focuses of social life, mindfulness and physical fitness in a luxurious yet inclusive setting. This is to achieve the goal of providing the most effective workout possible.

Until recently gyms have focused on the physical exertion and experience of ‘the workout’ without attempting to reconcile the influence that lifestyle, social aspects and a healthy mind has on the ability of people to train both harder and in a more balanced and regular way.

Being designed for an equilibrium of mind and body predicates the Core Collective as needing perfectly balanced spaces for both socialising and working out. As Core Collective say; ‘Fitness Changes Everything’ and the design aims to reflect this aspiration as a unique space to explore and develop mental and physical fitness.

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